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Sworn translation

We guarantee precise and reliable translations of documents, officially certified by experienced sworn translators. Therefore, we provide customers with a guarantee of compliance of the translation with the original, in accordance with legal requirements and language standards.

Ordinary translation

The regular translation service consists in the precise translation of documents, texts or written materials from one language to another in a professional and legible way, maintaining the consistency of the content and meaning of the original.

Consecutive interpreting

The consecutive interpreting service consists in the translation of the spoken text, where the translator speaks the translated statement after listening to a fragment of the original content, enabling fluent communication between the two languages.

Simultaneous interpreting

Professional interpreting in real time, enabling smooth communication during conferences, business meetings or international events. Our experienced translation teams guarantee high quality and immediate interpretation.

Medical translations

Medical translation is the process of translating specialized documentation, terminology and information related to healthcare, providing accurate and understandable translation for medical professionals and patients in different languages.

Legal translations

Professional translations of legal documents, contracts and legal acts, ensuring the accuracy and comprehensibility of the content, taking into account the specificity of legal terminology. Our translations are carefully prepared to meet legal requirements.

Technical translations

Technical translation is the professional translation of specialized documentation, user manuals and materials related to the technical field, ensuring a clear and precise understanding of the content for a wide range of recipients in different languages.

Localization of web content

Localization of web content refers to the adaptation of online content to a specific region, language, culture or local preferences of users. This process involves translating the content into local languages, taking into account specific phrases or cultural references, as well as adapting the content to local legal and moral norms. The goal of localization is to increase the comprehensibility, accessibility and attractiveness of content for different audiences in the global online market.

Apostille and legalization of stay

An apostille is an international confirmation of the validity of documents, facilitating their recognition in signatory countries of the Hague Convention. The legalization of stay is the process of formal confirmation of compliance with legal regulations for persons residing in a given country, including residence cards and procedures for obtaining citizenship. Our experts will be happy to assist you with the apostille and legalization processes, providing professional support and facilitating documentation formalities.

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