FAQ – questions and answers

1. How to order a translation?

What are the steps in the ordering process?

The first stage is to send us scans of documents or deliver the originals to our agency. The next step is to choose the implementation mode, accept the price and leave the originals or make a payment. The last stage is the receipt of finished translations.

Is it possible to place orders online?

Yes, use the contact form or send us an email to: kontakt@tlumaczeniamt.pl

What information is needed for translation pricing?

In order for us to be able to price the translation, it is necessary to send photos or scans of the document or deliver the documents to the office.

2. What is the cost of translation?

How are translation fees calculated?

The price of the translation depends on many factors, such as the amount of text to be translated, the legibility of the text, the level of complexity used in the vocabulary text, etc. One billing page of a translation is 1125 characters with spaces in the case of a sworn translation and 1800 characters with spaces in the case of an ordinary translations.

Are there additional costs I should expect?

No, the amount quoted in the quote remains the same and no additional fees will be charged.

Do you offer discounts for regular customers?

Yes, we have a special discount system for regular customers.

3. What languages do we support?

What languages are available for translation?

We provide translation services in over 100 language combinations. The list of available languages can be found on the home page.

Do you provide translations on special request, even if they are not included in the list?

No, the amount quoted in the quote remains the same and no additional fees will be charged.

4. How long does the translation process take?

What are the standard modes of translation?

We perform translations in four basic modes of implementation, from ordinary to super express. The more urgent the execution mode, the higher the price.

Is it possible to use an express service?

Yes, we provide translation services in the super express mode, which, in the case of some documents, consists in performing the translation immediately.

5. Do you offer sworn translations?

What documents can be covered by a sworn translation?

We offer certified translation of virtually all documents that require it.

What are the differences between regular and sworn translation?

Sworn translations differ from ordinary translations in that they are prepared by a sworn translator who has an official authorization from the relevant authorities. Certified translations have legal force and are used in the translation of official documents.

6. How can I pay for my order?

What are the payment methods available?

We accept all the most popular payment methods, such as: bank transfer, Blik transfer or cash.

Is an advance payment required before starting the translation?

If the translation is based on photos or scans, we work on the basis of a prepayment. If the client provides us with original documents and leaves them with us for the duration of the translation, the payment takes place at the time of receipt of the finished translations.

7. Can I track the status of my order?

Do you offer an online order tracking system?

No, we do not have an online order tracking system.

How can I find out about the stage of my translation ?

To find out at what stage the order is placed, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

8. What is your experience and qualifications?

What are the qualifications of your translators?

All our translators have the highest qualifications and certificates confirming their skills. Each of our specialists has experience in the field of translation and certificates confirming proficiency in the source and target languages, which ensures the high quality of our translation services.

9. Is my information secure?

What is the MT Translation Agency’s privacy policy?

We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy.

Are my documents treated confidentially?

Yes, all information you provide to us is strictly protected and treated as confidential. We ensure our customers adhere to a strict privacy policy, ensuring the security of any information you provide to us.

10. How can I contact the Translation Agency?

What means of communication are available, e.g. as phone, email or online chat?

You can contact us by phone – by calling +48 575 607 244, by e-mail – by sending an e-mail to kontakt@tlumaczeniamt.pl, or in person – by visiting our office located in Warsaw at ul. Nowogrodzka 42 apartment 40/1.

What are the office hours?

Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On the other hand, the helpline works every day from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.

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